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Oklahoma State University

LSB 5203 - Foundations of Issue and Conflict Management (SU)

Provides professionals from all fields with the skills necessary to handle conflicts, solve disputes, influence decisions and develop positive interpersonal relationships. It provides an overview of the alternative dispute resolution processes by utilizing readings, research, discussion and role-playing exercises.

Additional Information: 

Course Dates: Monday, June 11 through Friday, August 3

Textbook: McCrory, Mac, Fight the Good Fight, Tate Publishing or Text Download. Worth Fighting, Mac McCrory.
Fisher, Roger and William Ury, Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In

Advisor’s comments:  This course is an elective for MSETM students and is typically offered multiple times per year.

Registration Procedure: 

Enroll through Student Self Services


Dr. Mac McCrory