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Oklahoma State University

ETM 5531 - Contract Law in Engineering and Technology (SU)

One (1) credit hours. Prerequisites: Admission to MSETM program or permission of ETM department.  This course will provide engineers and architects with a background in common law as it applies to contracts. Topics will include concepts such as offer, acceptance, consideration and breach; contracts under the Uniform Commercial Code; express and implied warranties; and employment contracts.

Summer Dates: 
Monday, June 11, 2018 to Friday, July 6, 2018

Additional Information: 

Textbook: Miller, Roger LeRoy. Business Law Today, Text and Cases, 10th ed. 2015, Cengage Learning: Arlington Texas. 
*Note reguarding text: We will only be using selected chapters of the textbook. A good option is to rent or purchase access to select chapters of the textbook in an online format. More information can be found at

Advisor Comment: This course is a one-credit-hour elective in the MSETM program and ETM Certificate program.  MSETM students are required to choose at minimum of three one-hour courses. 

Registration Procedure: 

Dr. Rachel Hansen