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Oklahoma State University

ETM 5511 - Capstone Preparation (SP)

One (1) credit hours. Prerequisites: Admission to MSETM program and at least 17 hours earned. Students should take this course one semester prior to taking the Capstone course as near to the end of their degree program as possible (preferably during the last two semesters). Students are introduced to the requirements for the ETM Capstone Project, including problem statement, strategic implications, management systems and problem metrics. Emphasis is placed on persuasive technical communication.

Spring Dates:
February 25 - May 3, 2019

Additional Information: 

No textbook required.

Advisor’s comments:  

ETM 5511 is a REQUIRED course for all MSETM students. This course should be any time after a student passes the half-way mark in the MSETM program (after 16 hours have been earned) and prior to enrolling in ETM 5133 Capstone to STI.  The two courses must be taken in this sequence and cannot be taken concurrently. ETM 5511 is offered every fall, spring, and summer semester.

Registration Procedure: 

Jennifer Block